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CurtisGraphics Corporation (Graphic Design - Photo restoration, retouching, manipulation, repair and enhancement)

Photograph Alteration and Editing TERMS & CONDITIONS

Please read the following Terms & Conditions carefully, prior to submitting your "Photographs & Images" to CurtisGraphics Corporation

Submitting "Photographs & Images" to CurtisGraphics Corporation constitutes your full acceptance of these Terms & Conditions


1.     *Images are accepted on the understanding that you are the legal owner, (Own the copyright), or have the copyright owners written permission. You accept responsibility for and fully indemnify CurtisGraphics Corporation against, any third-party legal action instigated due to the infringement or violation of copyright.

2.      The quality of the final *image and the extent to which image enlargement is possible, is dictated by the condition and size of the original *image. Should we conclude that the work requested is not possible due to the condition of the original *image, we will contact you and advise you of our decision. Other than covering the cost of returning the *image, no charges will be made.

3.      CurtisGraphics Corporation reserves the right to refuse any order and will in no circumstances accept material of a pornographic, obscene or violent nature.

4.      All *images sent to CurtisGraphics Corporation by a postal/courier service will be returned to you.

5.      CurtisGraphics Corporation will not be held responsible for any *images lost in transit, in either direction, whilst in the possession of any postal, courier or other delivery service.

6.      Due to the nature of the processes involved, colour variations may occur between the original *image and the finished product. Any such variations are normally due to differences in the calibration of individual monitors.

7.      Delivery of completed *images will not be made until full and final payment is received.

8.      Copies of both the original and restored/enhanced *images will be held in our database for a period of six months from completion of order. Should you require further copies we will be happy to provide them at our standard rates.

9.      *Images stored in our database will not be used in any area of our website and will not be sold or rented to a third-party without your written consent.


Note:-The term "image/images" includes photos, transparencies and images on storage devices such as CD’s & DVD’s.

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CurtisGraphics Corporation (Graphic Design - Photo restoration, retouching, manipulation, repair and enhancement)

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