I painted this image on my computer from start to finish. I first drew the outline in Adobe Illustrator. I saved it as an eps and then rasterized it in Adobe Photoshop. I then used a variety of brush tool settings to paint the background, the tree and the owl with the mouse. Actually, this was a project for illustration class when I went back to school in 1997 to learn how to apply the computer to my design work. My parents told me that I would need to learn the computer back in the 80's but I insisted that as an artist I would never need to learn the computer. What would an artist do with a computer anyway? Well, I finally succumbed and it has been a love affair ever since. In the next image I applied a variety of painting textures to this same piece using a variety of filters.


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Title: Owl
Print Number: owl_sm
Image size: 16" x 12"
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