graphics and fine arts

graphics and fine arts


Paintings, Pastels, Drawings, Architectural Stained Glass Design, Contemporary Leaded Residential Glass Design, Gicle Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, Gouache Paintings by Curtis R Doll Jr
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paintings - pastels - drawings - stained glass design
architectural stained glass windows
"The Illustrated Lark Ascending Poem"
contemporary residential stained glass windows
crystal beveled art glass design for traditional residential doors - side lites - transoms - partitions in the home and anywhere else in your home
original gicle fine art prints
fine art photography — all created and designed by
Curtis R Doll Jr

a philosophy on art and design



I have worked with many Interior Designers and Architects. Aside from selling my artwork, I also work on a commission basis in which I will create a work of art to any size and color specifications. This page remains on the screen and the links open into new tabs or windows. After viewing my work, if you find my work suitable for one of your projects, please return to this page and
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CurtisGraphics has newly incorporated and has become CurtisGraphics Corporation. Visit us here.

The Shack; a magnificent discource between love and a human being.

We have a great gift idea for any holiday, anniversary or birthday or for any day: - -
(exquisite, yet inexpensive original Fine Art Prints). For only $35.00
plus shipping & handling you can have a beautiful, affordable,
( Original Fine Art Print ) done in-house.
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Contemporary Residential Glass Design

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Explore our web site for Fine Art Prints, Paintings, Photography and Architectural Stained Glass.

Architectural Stained Glass is an environmental art form. As light floods the interior of a church or synagogue, the inner space is transformed into a mystical source of joy, peace and tranquility.....

These images are in themselves "Metaphysical Symbols". Form and color are combined, united and harmonized to create heart felt impressions of life. The concept of inner radiating light plays an integral role in the development of these images. This light emanates from within a counterpoint of darkness and shadow. In some of these images the light is radiating from without almost hiding the shadow. In others the light is radiating from within the darkness and is almost hidden. The light expresses all the positive forces of life including transcendental love. The darkness elicits the dark forces of life. Ironically, we cannot have one without the other. The darkness increases the beauty of the light just as negativity contrasting benevolence enhances the joy one experiences by doing a good deed. It is an eternal paradox.

Interested in Fine Art and Design? The list of links to the bottom left will each direct you to a specific interest including our fine art home page, fine art prints, original paintings, figurative prints, an original poem entitled “The Lark Ascending”, manipulated fine art photography, architectural stained glass design, jewish architectural stained glass design, contemporary residential stained glass design, awards we have won, a biography and a page on a philosophy of art.

Below our fine art links, we have posted links to our newly incorporated CurtisGraphics Corporation graphic design and photographic enhancement site.

Curt Doll - Curtis R Doll Jr has been a professional, working artist since 1977.

fine art
fine art prints
original paintings by curtis doll
figurative prints
The Lark Ascending Illustrated Poem
manipulated fine art photography
architectural stained glass design
jewish architectural stained glass design
contemporary residential stained glass design

a philosophy on art & design


Links to Our Commercial Design and Photograph Enhancement, Manipulation and Restoration Site.

curtisgraphics corporation graphic design home page
graphic design
photographic enhancement - restoration - manipulation
motion graphics and web site design
crystal beveled art glass

logo design & branding for the small business

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